Beanies donated by Christina Matthewson

Beanies Donated

If you read my last blog post you would know that during September and October I was making reversible beanies in my spare time to donate to a local Cancer Treatment Clinic. At the time of my last blog I had completed 56 beanies, I was only a month into my making and by the end of October, I had completed 211 reversible beanies.

Beanies donated by Christina Matthewson
  • Patterns for Pirates Slouchy Beanie (made reversible) = 44
  • MW patterns Criss Cross Beanie = 93
  • Blank Slate Patterns Slouchy Beanie = 74
    • Unfortunately, the clinic that I had planned to donate to had a huge pile of knitted beanies already, and they weren’t taking any more. So I contacted the Cancer Council in Launceston and spoke with the beautiful Roz, who was so excited about the beanies and said they would love to have them. She said they could distribute them to the other clinics in Tasmania so that more people could access free beanies.

      On Friday 2nd November my boys and I drove through a thunderstorm to deliver the beanies. I needed the help of my boys as there were just too many beanies for me to carry.

      Beanies Donated by Christina Matthewson 2

      As it turns out Roz used to work in the other clinic and she had met my mum and nursed her during her treatment. It felt so right to be passing my beanies on to her and to be able to thank her for everything she had done for my mum. It felt good to give back and I left knowing that I’d continue to make beanies with any leftover fabric I had.

      It didn’t take long for me to start! My local ocean swimming group The Happy Fish decided to enter a float in the local Christmas Parade and I just knew I needed to make beanies for us to wear.

      I got started right away on some designs. I used the Criss Cross Beanie by MW Patterns as my base and with a few fin templates thanks to Google I was able to come up with several designs.

      Beanies donated by Christina Matthewson 3

      I used gorgeous holographic lycra from The Remnant Warehouse to make the squid beanies look more realistic and they even had press studs for suckers on their tentacles.

      Beanies donated by Christina Matthewson 4

      The parade was so much fun! The beanies were very silly but fun to wear. Don’t we look awesome!

      Beanies Donated by Christina Mathewson 5

      And yes I made my own fish socks! And my rash top was one I made for my son and it even has a fin oh the back!

      Beanies donated Christina Matthewson 6

      Once the parade was over I washed all the beanies and my plan is to take them and the newest lot of beanies I’ve made to the clinic the next time I’m in Launceston. Hopefully, someone will want to wear a silly squid, fish or shark beanie.

      So the next time you look at your fabric scrap pile and wonder what to do with it, why not make some beanies to donate.