Easter Fabric Bucket

Create this super fun Fabric Easter Basket perfect for collecting all the eggs found during an Easter egg hunt!

Requirements List:

  • 50cm Main Fabric
  • 50cm Lining Fabric
  • 50cm medium-heavy weight iron-on interfacing
  • Co-ordinating threads
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • 2 x Small Buttons
  • Tear-A-Way to sew buttonholes


  • Main fabric: Cut (2) x 26cm squares
  • Lining fabric: Cut (2) 30cm x 26cm rectangles
  • Interfacing: Cut (2) x 26cm squares and (1) x 37cm x 7cm strip
  • Strap: Cut (1) x 37cm x 7cm Strip from your lining fabric

(If you wish for your bucket to be smaller or larger simply adjust the measurements accordingly.)


All seams are 0.5cm unless otherwise stated.
  1. Center the interfacing onto the wrong side of both squares of your main fabric. Following the instructions of the interfacing, fuse it to the main fabric squares.
  2. Lay main fabric and lining fabric pieces right side down and mark a 6.5cm square in each of the bottom corners. Using a rotary cutter and ruler cut away the squares you marked out. (Note: cut the squares on the shorter edge of the lining rectangles).
easter bucket pattern step 2
  1. Fuse the 37 x 7cm strip of interfacing to your 37 x 7cm trip of lining fabric, as per instructions of interfacing manufacturer.
  2. Fold in half lengthways with right sides together and sew leaving the short ends open. Turn right way out.
  3. Press the strap, so the seam you just created is in the center
easter fabric bucker pattern step 5
  1. Fold in the ends by 1cm and pin in place.
  2. Change your stitch length to a length of 3.0 and topstitch around the whole strap.
  3. Attach your buttonhole foot to your machine and use your machine’s manual as a guide on how to use this. Stitch 1 buttonhole on either end of the strap approximately 1cm from the ends. Use the Tear-A-Way stabilizer to help reinforce the stitches.
easter bucket pattern step 8
  1. Sew one button to each side seam of the lining fabric approximately 7cm down from the top edge.
easter bucket pattern 9
  1. Place main fabric, right sides together and sew along both sides and the bottom. Backstitching at the beginning and the end of your seams.
  2. Repeat step 3 for the lining fabric. Ensure you leave a 8cm gap in 1 of the seams.
  3. Box the corners of the main fabric by pinching the side and bottom sides together. Pin in place and sew. Back stitch at the beginning and the end. Repeat this step with your lining fabric.
  4. Turn the main fabric right way out and place inside the lining. Match the side seams, pin together and sew along the top.
  5. Turn the right way out through the hole in the lining. Push the lining down into the bottom of the bucket and topstitch along the top fold.
easter bucket pattern 9
  1. Fold down to create the contrasting top edge.
  2. Attach your handle to the buttons.

Congratulations on finishing your Easter Fabric Bucket!