Elf on the shelf dress

Christmas time is almost here! Help your Elf get into the Christmas spirit and sew him or her up some Christmas clothes.

Requirements List:

  • Red Velvet – with stretch: 0.2m
  • Co-ordinating thread (x4 for overlocker and x1 for sewing
  • Overlocker
  • sewing machine


  1. Overlock lining and fabric font together at the neck lines, front and back.
Elf dress step 1
  1. Turn right side out.
Elf dress step 2
  1. Pin and overlock skirt and bodice together at waistline.
elf dress step 3
  1. Overlock skirt hem.
elf dress step 4
  1. Pin back seams together for dress and overlock.
elf dress step 5
  1. Change your machine settings to a zig zag stitch.
elf dress step 6
  1. Zig zag neck straps together.
elf dress step 7
  1. Pin hem line up 1cm and using straight stitch, stitch down.
elf dress step 8

Congratulations on finishing your elf dress!

Elf Dress