Failures by little pickers


This post is about the unintentional fabric print placements and should be read with humour.

This morning I sat in front of my computer for what felt like hours trying to think of a topic for a blog post. Nothing came to mind, so I decided to try some sewing and hope that inspiration would hit.
Oops! it sure did!

I’ll be dedicating this blog piece to those mistakes and dodgy fabric print placements that you just want to hide in the never to be seen again pile. So there I was cutting out some shorts for my son. I was using super cute Lilo and Stitch fabric and surely nothing could go wrong with this print… hmm maybe I should have taken a little bit more care with the pattern placement.. Especially around the groin area!

My poor Noah now has what looks like a little blue something (stand back and you’ll see it better) in exactly the right spot! Luckily he hasn’t noticed and he’s been wearing them all afternoon, I’m not sure whether I should point it out to him. I spent way too much time making these for them to never to be worn again. I guess this is payback for the toy bouncy castle Noah made for me at school several years ago. He had handed it to me after school and I held it in my hand, then walked through the busy school grounds, not really looking at it until I hopped into the car!! I have since learnt to look at anything a child gives me before taking hold of it. I’m not sure what it worse, a dead spider a child gave me or this giant pink – well see for yourself!! But this is nowhere near the worst I have created!! Earlier this year I decided to make some much needed clothes for the barbie dolls in the classroom I work in. The poor dolls either had clothes falling apart or no clothes at all. So I set to work designing some funky outfits for them. Dresses, shorts, skirts, tops, pants and tights. Everything was going well. The clothes I made fit perfectly. The Barbies and Ken dolls now had funky outfits that were easy to put on and they looked kind of cool. And then I decided to make some Star Wars tights, because there are some big Star Wars fans in the class. I actually took a lot of time working on fabric placement. I wanted a character on each of the legs, but I had not planned for this… Poor Barbie!! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life!! Of course these tights never made it to the classroom, I’m not sure what the mums and dads would say if they did!! … They are now on display in my sewing room where I can laugh at them every time I enter the room! But it’s not just me who’s made some big placement fails. I have seen quite a few hilarious failures popping up on FB from some big name brands.. and of course I’m going to show you some. I hope you find them as funny as I do. You would think that after all these posts on the importance of pattern placement I’d be more careful with mine, obviously not!! However sometimes the print placements are on purpose. Like these two bralettes I made myself. As soon as I saw the fabric I knew I had to make them like this: But it’s not just print placement that I get wrong from time to time.. Sometimes I make complete and epic pattern failures! I love to mash patterns together or try and make my own pattern up. Most of the time they work which I am so thankful for, but then other times they go completely wrong. Like recently when I attempted to make my own bikini bottoms. I was sick of seeing skimpy bottoms in the shops that barely covered front or back. I thought I’d mastered the pattern and I went about making my tester bottoms. Silly me forgot to take into account that I have a pancake bottom and the only way I would be able to wear these bikini briefs would be if I wore bra inserts as padding!! I wont shock you with photos of the real thing but here’s a picture that comes pretty close to what they looked like: