Legs Eleven

Wow I just realised that when I first started writing blog posts for Singer Sewing Australia 2 years ago my eldest boy had just turned 11 and this week my youngest boy, Noah  turned 11.
So I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to Noah and the creations that I’ve made for him in the past year. If you’ve seen my posts on my Facebook page Little Pickers you would notice that Noah models a lot of my creations.
What you may not know is that he is involved with the making of each one, he’s very creative and for many of the items I’ve made, he’s even come up with idea and design.
I’m lucky enough to be a strike off seamstress for several fabric businesses and Noah has been such a huge help. Not only modelling my creations but also coming up with designs and ways I can use the fabric. I think he gets just as excited as I do when fabric mail arrives and he loves to go fabric shopping with me.


Here are just some of my creations that I’ve made for Noah using fabric from Lush fabric Australia.
Noah’s design ideas have also challenged me quite a bit this year from making funky sleeves.


These sleeves are made from strips of fabric that Noah chose and then sewn together.
I’m not sure if you can see with the sleeve on this top but this was my first go at making a moto patch.
To making intricate appliques and shark sleeves. He’s lucky that appliques are my favourite thing to do.
If I get enough interest I may even do a blog post on how to make these shark sleeves, so please leave a comment if you’d like a step by step guide on how to create them. They’re super easy!
Here are some funky tops I’ve made for Noah using fabric from Fizgig and Fezziks Fabulous Fabrics. Noah came up with all of these designs.


Oh and here’s a better look at some moto patch sleeves that I’ve made. Moto patches are so much fun to make!

I just love Noah’s whole outlook on life. He loves who he is and he’s not afraid to express himself. He has taught me so much about being comfortable in my own skin.
So I hope you’ve enjoyed this short blog post and I thought I’d finish it off with a little quote from Noah
“Do what makes you happy, be who you want to be and just do you”