Top Tips and Hints for Successful Overlocking
How to use the Bias Binding Presser Foot
Embroidery Stabiliser Reference Guide

Embroidery Stabiliser Reference Guide

Project Stabiliser Hooping Needle Bobbin Thread Needle Thread T-shirts Soft Mesh Cut-Away Hoop Fabric and Stabiliser together Singer Chromium #2000, […]


A seam is a basic element in all garment construction. It is created by stitching two pieces of fabric together, […]

Types of hems

Hems Double folded hem Machine top-stitch Hand finished Overlocked Rolled hem- overlocker Faced hem Glued hem Machine blind hem Lace […]

Overlocking Basics

Overlocking Basics

How to change the thread: Cut each thread and remove the cone. Tie new thread onto each thread in the […]

Singer Needles

What does the colour mean? Needle style colour Red is for woven fabrics (2020) Yellow is for Knitted fabrics (2045) […]

How to feed fabric through your machine correctly.

Sewing Practice Sheets

Download the sewing practice sheets, without any thread in your machine follow the lines to practice your sewing skills and […]

Shirring with a sewing machine

Shirring with a sewing machine

Do you want to add shirring to a project you are doing? Does the pattern you are using requires shirring […]

How to Make Bias Binding

Bias binding encloses fabric edges for a neat, often decorative finish. Because of the bias direction, the binding wraps around […]

How to Insert an Invisible Zipper

The Invisible Zipper Foot can be used for inserting an invisible zipper into a seam, creating a hidden seam. On […]

How To Sew Napped Fabrics

Nap refers to the raised fibers on the surface of a fabric. These fibers naturally run one direction or the […]

Pressing Pointers

Careful and frequent Pressing is the key to great-looking garments. Pressing is not the same process as ironing. When pressing, […]

How to Mark and Prepare Hems

You can stitch hems by machine or by hand. Some hems should be invisible on the right side of the […]