Drafting your own patterns- Part 2 (Collars and Cuffs)

Typical collars and cuffs are encased therefore making them harder to trace the seam with the seam allowance included. Follow the steps below on how to make the job easier!

  • Baking/tissue paper
  • Clothing with collar or cuff
  • Pattern Making Rulers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Steps:

    1. Identify where your collar, stand or cuff seams are on your garment.
    Identifying Collar and stand
    1. Using Backing paper or tissue paper, place over the top of your garment.
    Tracing the Collar
    1. Using your Pencil trace every seam in the collar. Repeat setp 1-2 for the stand.
    Collar and stand- no seam allowance
    1. remove your baking paper from the garment.
    2. Add seam allowance. The typical seam allowance for a collar and stand is 6mm.
    Collar and Stand- With seam allowance

      Congratulations! Now you are ready to sew.