Drafting your own patterns- Part 3 (Darts)

Darts are necessary when sewing to add shape to a garment, typically around the bust and back area.

  • Clothing with darts
  • Pattern Making Rulers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Steps:

    1. Using your garment, trace the first half, up to the dart point
    2. Measure the size of your dart e.g. 0.8cm, (tip: if you measure to the fold you will need to double the measurement e.g. 1.6cm).
    Measuring the dart
    1. On your paper, add 1.6cm to the end of your paper. Holding your finger on the point of the dart, pivot the shirt to the 1.6cm mark on the paper.
    Dart point
    1. Continue tracing the rest of the garment.
    Drafting Pattern

      Congratulations! Now you are ready to sew.