How to Insert an Invisible Zipper

The Invisible Zipper Foot can be used for inserting an invisible zipper into a seam, creating a hidden seam.

On most sewing machine models, the Invisible Zipper Foot can be attached to the presser foot holder. Depending on the machine you may have a shank attached to the foot or a detachable one. For more information on the correct Invisible Zipper Foot for your machine model, refer to your sewing machine manual.

  1. Place your Zipper foot on one side of your seam, face down. Pin the Zip.Invisible Zipper- Pinning to fabric
  1. Make a tacking stitch by either hand sewing or machine sew using the normal zipper foot, to the seam allowance. This ensures that the zipper will not move when you use the Invisible Zipper Foot.Invisible zipper- sewing to fabric
  1. Attach the Invisible Zipper Foot to your machine.Invisible Zipper foot- Singer Featherweight
  1. Unzip your zipper and with the wrong side of your zipper face up, you should be able to roll the zipper teeth out. Invisible zipper- rolling teeth out
  1. Place your fabric and zipper underneath your Invisible Zipper Foot, slightly roll out the zipper teeth and sew. Sewing invisible zipper
  1. Repeat process for other side of the zipper.
  1. Attach the traditional zipper foot and finish the seam, from the last stitches at the base of the zipper to the hem. You may need to move the needle position to get close to the stitching.Invisible Zipper- Sewing seam together
  2. Unpick the first stitching (tacking stitch). Now you are finished 🙂 Invisible Zipper Finished