How to make Bias Binding with a Bias tool

Bias binding in sewing is when the edges of the fabric are enclosed by the bias which gives the project a neat finish.


  • Fabric strips cut on bias
  • Bias tape tool, 6mm, 13mm or 25mm
  • Iron
  1. Fold the fabric diagonally so that one selvedge is at a right angle to the other selvedge. Press along the fold – the direction of the fabric grain at the fold is the bias grain, Cut along the pressed line. Set aside the triangle of fabric. 
  2. Read the instructions on the back of the tool packet for the desired width if this is not provided. Multiply the desired finished width of the binding by four to determine how wide to cut the strips. For example, for 1/4″ (6mm) finished binding, you’ll need strips 1″ (2.5cm) wide. Beginning at the diagonal cut edge of the fabric, measure and mark parallel lines that are the desired cutting width. After you have drawn the last strip, discard the triangular remnant – or save it as scrap. 
  3. Using your iron and bias tool, thread the fabric strip through 5-10cm and press, continue until the length of bias has all been pressed.
  4. Bias making tool
  5. Press both long edges to the center of the tape, taking care not to distort the width of the strip. Press the strip in half again to create the double fold.
  6. Bias Binding