Lining is most commonly used in tailored garments, such as jackets, coats, trousers, and skirts. A lining prolongs the life of the garment by enclosing and protecting the inner construction details and the interfacing. A commercial pattern will provide pattern pieces and sewing instructions for the garment should be lined.

What is lining Fabric?

Lining fabric is tightly woven and lightweight. It has a silky, slippery hand, which makes it easy and comfortable to put on and take off the garment. Lining is sold in different weights and colours and is colour-fast, perspiration proof, and wrinkle resistant, It often has a cling-free finish. Choose lining fabric that is softer and lighter weight than your fabric, but has the same care requirements.

What does a lining do?

  • Makes the garment more comfortable
  • Makes the garment warmer
  • Protects the interior surface of the fabric
  • Hides interior construction details and interfacing
  • Helps keep the garment from wrinkling
  • Helps the garment hang better and gives the fabric more body
  • Minimizes stretching and wear
  • Provides structural stability and helps maintain shape
  • Reduces clinging and makes it easier to slip the garment on and off