Selecting the right Zipper for your project

Zippers make it easy to put on and take off clothes. All Zippers open and close through the action of a self-locking slider and pull tab. There are three types of zippers, distinguished by their teeth: a polyester interlocking coil, molded plastic teeth, and stamped metal teeth. All of these teeth styles are attached to a fabric (usually polyester) tape.

Shortening a zipper

If you can’t find the right length zipper, buy a longer one and shorten it. Close the zipper and mark the desired length. Straight-Stitch several times back and forth over the coil or teeth at the mark. Trim the zipper 1/2″ (1.3cm) below the stitches.

Closed BottomCoil4″ to 22″ (10.2 to 55.9cm) long;
lightweight, flexible, heat resistant
Dresses, skirts, pants,
sportswear, home decor.
Closed bottomMolded4″ to 22″ (10.2 to 55.9cm) long;
medium-weight, large teeth, decorative,
meant to be visible
Dresses, jackets, sportswear
Closed bottomStamped Metal4″ to 22″ (10.2 to 55.9cm) long;
medium- to heavyweight, sturdy, teeth are usually enameled to match tape colour
Pants, sportswear, work clothes
SeparatingCoil12″ to 48″ (30.5 to 122cm) long;
lightweight, flexible, less bulky than metal or molded teeth.
Handknit sweaters, childrens wear,lightweight jackets.
separatingMolded12″ to 48″ (30.5 to 122cm) long;
medium- to heavyweight.
Jackets, Sweaters, sportswear
separatingStamped Metal12″ to 48″ (30.5 to 122cm) long;
medium- to heavyweight.
Jackets and home decorating items.
two-way separatingMolded and Stamped Metal12″ to 48″ (30.5 to 122cm) long; medium- to heavy weight, two pull tabs
(so the garment can be zipped from top or bottom.)
Heavy jackets, ski parkas, action sportswear.
InvisibleCoil9″ to 22″ (22.9 to 55.9cm) long; special insertion so it is invisible from right side of the garment; requires special presser foot.Dresses, skirts, pants, home decor.
Brass jeans or trousers zippersStamped Metal6″ to 9″ (15.2 to 22.9cm) long;
slider has locking feature, slightly wider tape for fly-front insertion.
jeans, work pants, skirts (any fly-front design)