Singer Needles

What does the colour mean?

Needle style colour

  • Red is for woven fabrics (2020)
  • Yellow is for Knitted fabrics (2045)
  • Blue is for Leather (2032)
  • Grey is for embroidery (2000)
  • Purple is for quilting (2019)

Needle size colour

  • Green size 70 is for extra fine fabrics
  • Orange size 80 is for light fabrics
  • Blue size 90 is for medium fabrics
  • Violet size 100 is for heavy fabrics

Types of needles

Woven Needles:

A round sharp point needle is thinner and sharper than a universal needlepoint. It makes a perfect straight stitch for woven fabrics. Choose the right size needle for perfect results every time.


A ballpoint needle is used to prevent skipped stitches and fibre damage in knitted fabrics. It has a slightly more rounded tip than a sharp needle. The rounded tip slips between yarns rather than cutting them.


A regular point style needle is used for this overlocker. This needle will penetrate the fabric threads of woven fabrics.


A chromium needle is recommended for embroidery machines. These needles are designed to sew at high speed without heating.


A reverse twist point needle has a cutting point which makes a small incision in the leather for the thread to pass. This cutting point makes a very clean hole in the fabric/ leather.

Hemstitch/ Wing:

Sharp with wide blades. Designed for decorative stitching on woven fabrics. This stitch will resemble Entredeux. Use natural tightly woven fibers like linen and cotton for best results.


Is recommended for sewing microfibre, silk and very fine delicate fabrics.


Is 3mm wide and is used for pintucks & twin needle stitching.


A slim point needle which makes it easy to penetrate through multiple quilt layers.