Sew how do I thread an Overlocker?

This is only a guide, this may vary depending on what model of overlocker you have. Each overlocker comes with a diagram on how to thread the machine.

  1. Ensure that your machine is not plugged in to a power source before beginning.
  • For a 4-thread overlocker machine, you will have the upper looper thread, the lower looper and 2 needle threads.
  • For a 3-thread machine you will have an upper looper, lower looper and a single needle thread.
  1. Begin with the upper looper thread. Set your spool of thread on the spindle on the right side of the machine. Pull the upper looper thread up so it is just below the needles.


  • Next pull the thread over the top and front of the overlocker.
  • Remove the faceplate on the machine’s on the front of the machine and pull the thread through the metal loops underneath the plate. Your overlocker will usually have a colour coded guide to assist you with threading the upper looper. 
  1. Thread the overlocker with the lower looper.
  • Set the spool on the second spindle and bring thread over the front of the machine.
  • Use tweezers to help you get the thread through the tight spots on the overlocker.
  1. Finish threading the overlocker with the needle thread / threads.
  • Set the threads on the spindles and bring them over the front of the machine. Put the thread through the needle or needles on the overlocker.