Motivational Seamstress

Motivational Seamstress

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and I’m sorry. I really struggled to write this one as it’s an emotional one for me.

For the past year I’ve been so lucky to be a motivational seamstress for Lush Fabrics Australia. I was lucky enough to be gifted free fabric and in return I created fun and colourful outfits, that I shared online to help promote fabric sales.

I love Lush Fabrics, the fabric is so soft and the prints are gorgeous, but sadly, recently I had to say goodbye. Some of you may know that I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it all got too much for me. Winter is always hard and this has been one of my worst, with daily shoulder dislocations and many wrist and finger dislocations, which has made sewing very painful.

I made the hard decision to step away and look after me. But before I left I was lucky enough to sew up a whole fabric collection – prints that I got to choose. You have no idea how hard and exciting that is! Searching through hundreds of different prints and choosing only 7!

So I thought I’d make this blog post all about my Lush Fabric Collection. I hope you love the prints as much as I do.
You can find all the prints that are still available here

The first print (Images 1, 2, 3) that I came across I fell in love instantly. I thought it was so different from other prints I had seen and so very me (and my youngest boy). Growing up I was obsessed with space and that obsession has been passed on to Noah. He’s either bringing library books home about space or chemistry.
I also got to name each print, and this one, a gorgeous Ponte Fabric I named Astro (it is now all sold out sadly). I decided to make matching outfits for myself and Noah.
Retro Style Jumper by Elizabeth Sweetwater
Image 1
Jumper Patterns
Image 2
11th Hour Gear by New Horizons Designs
Image 3
Image 1: Retro Style Jumper by Elizabeth Sweetwater; Pencil Skirt by Patterns for Pirates Sewing PDF Pattern Group
Image 3: 11th Hour Gear by New Horizons Designs

Fabric Number 2 is a gorgeous Liverpool print I named Delilah after my beautiful Grandmother Lila. Pattern is the Wiggle Dress by Patterns for Pirates. I decided to add binding to the neck instead of elastic and hemming.
Fabric 2
In My Stride Flounce Skirt by Pattern Emporium
Fabric 3
Fabric number 3 is another Ponte and I just love the pattern on this print. It’s so funky!! So I had to choose a very funky pattern to show off this print. I named this print Maisy as it reminds me of a maze. Pattern is the In My Stride Flounce Skirt by Pattern Emporium. 

Fabric Number 4 is a sweet double brushed poly that I named Kalynda, after a beautiful woman I was blessed to have been friends with.
This print reminded me of a dress I once owned and loved so much. It was one of those items of clothing that I still regret op shopping, but hopefully it is still out there being loved.

So I decided to make a new dress that I will love and get lots of use out of in the years to come.

This was probably my hardest make as I debated what pattern to use for so long. Pattern is The Senna Dress by Lindsay Woodward Patterns (such an easy pattern to follow and make).
The Senna Dress by Lindsay Woodward Patterns
Fabric 4
Urban Flair Pants Pattern by Pattern Emporium
Fabric 5
Fabric number 5 is Patchwork and it’s a funky Double Brushed Poly Print.

I’m a big fan of Patchwork prints. They remind me of my beautiful mum and grandma who made the most amazing Patchwork creations. I just knew this print would make the funkiest pants. Pattern is the Urban Flair Pants Pattern by Pattern Emporium. 
Miss Ruby Tuesday Dress by 1 Puddle Lane
Image 8
Bonnie Hellcat by Little Ragamuffin
Image 9

Fabric number 6 (Image 8) is Devotion and it’s a super soft single brushed poly.

This dress is a bit of a mash up between two patterns. The Miss Ruby Tuesday dress by 1 Puddle Lane with a hi low skirt and the Paola Turtleneck top by Named Patterns. 

And the lucky last print in my collection is another gorgeous double brushed poly. (Image 9) I named this print Amber not only because of the colour of the flowers, but for my gorgeous niece Amber. Her father (my brother) is a bee keeper and the print reminded me honeycombs.

Pattern is the Bonnie Hellcat by Little Ragamuffin.

Although I’m no longer a motivational seamstress for Lush I’m still obsessed with fabric and I just love their prints. So I’m still buying ALL the fabric and sewing whenever I can, because sewing is my therapy.