Baby Burp Cloth

These burp cloths are perfect to clean up all sorts of baby messes. They are made from cotton and terry cloth. It is also a great project to up-cycle towels that you no longer use. They stitch up quickly, so in no time you can make a stack for yourself or for gifts.

Requirements List:

The supplies listed makes 3 burp cloths.

  • 0.5 meters of cotton
  • 0.5 Meters of Terry cloth, or you can upcycle a towel here.
  • Quarter inch presser foot
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Co-ordinating thread
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Fabric marker


  • Cut one piece of cotton that measures 26cm x 46cm.
  • Cut one piece of terry cloth or towel to 26cm x 46cm.


Seam allowance is 6mm (¼”) unless otherwise stated. Attach your quarter-inch presser foot to your machine.

  1. Place the terry cloth (or toweling) and the flannel right sides together. Pin (or clip) and stitch around the fabric leaving a 5cm opening for turning.
Baby Burp Cloth picture 1
  1. Trim the corners, turn right side out pushing the corners out gently.
  2. Place on the ironing board and press, ensuring that the fabric is folded to the inside on the 5cm opening.
Baby Burp Cloth picture 2
  1. Stitch around the edges of the burp cloth with a quarter inch seam allowance by aligning the outside edge of the fabric with the inside edge of the edge of the quarter inch foot.
  2. Tie your completed bundle together with a pretty ribbon for a thoughtful and useful gift or place them where you can quickly reach them for your own baby.

Congratulations on completing your Baby Burp Cloth.