Zipper Pencil Case

Zipper Pencil Case

Wow your friends with this perfect pencil case to keep you organised. Easily transform this to match your individual style by making it longer by simply buying longer zips and choosing your favourite colours.
Although this looks challenging it is a perfect project for a beginner to perfect precision sewing.

Skill Level:Confident Beginner

Skills Learned: Straight Stitch, Zipper Sewing, Precision Stitching, Alternate basting methods

Shopping List:

  • 12” x 12” Zippers (6 different colours)
  • White thread
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape


  1. Pin two zippers together right sides facing together. For an ombre effect start with a dark shade of zipper and pin a slightly lighter shade to it. Ensure that the zipper pulls are at alternate ends.Step 1 Zipper Pencil Case
  1. Sew a straight stitch, along one side of the zippers ensuring that you secure the beginning and end of the stitch by back-stitching.
  2. Pull open the seam.
  3. Pin the next zipper to the lighter zipper (so the darkest zipper becomes the bottom) teeth facing in. Again ensure that the zipper pull is alternate to the previous zipper.
  4. Repeat these steps until you have a second side for the pencil case.Step 6 Zipper Pencil Case
  1. Pin the two zipper unit’s right sides togetherStep 7 Pencil Case Pattern
  1. Sew the end zippers together. Ensure that the zipper pulls are alternating.
  2. Secure the side ends down with masking tape. The tape helps hold the ends of the zipper together while sewing up the sides.
  3. Open a zip half way to the middle.Step 11 Zipper Pencil Case
  4. Straight stitch down each side being very careful that you do not sew into a metal zipper stop.
  1. Turn the pencil case the right way out. Push the seams and corners out with your fingers.
  2. Trim the excess zipper tape in the inside of the pencil case.
  3. Your pencil case is complete!