General sewing equipment such as sewing kits, scissors and oil.

Sale! Dressmaker Scissors

Dressmaker Scissors

Singer branded, Professional Fully Polished Scissor. Quality made from Hot Forged Steel.Packaged in a Commemorative Heritage Tin

$89.00 $79.00
Fuz Buster (Leva Pelucchi)

Fuz Buster (Leva Pelucchi)

The Fuz Buster is also known as the Leva Pelucchi safely removes fuzz, fabric pills and lint from clothes, knitwear and upholstery.

Sale! Fuzy Wuz

Fuzy Wuz

The Singer Fuzy Wuz Safely removes fuzz, fabric pills and lint from clothes.

$19.90 $15.90

Iron Press ESP2 Stand

The Aluminium Iron Press Stand, is designed for the Electronic Iron Press ESP2. It allows you to have more work space on your benches as this converts the Iron Press into a free-standing appliance.

Singer Oil 100ml

Singer Oil 100ml

Specially formulated oil for lubricating sewing/embroidery machines. Regularly lubricate your sewing machine to maintain its top performance!