General sewing equipment such as sewing kits, scissors and oil.

    Sale! Fuz Buster (Leva Pelucchi)

    Fuz Buster (Leva Pelucchi)

    The Fuz Buster is also known as the Leva Pelucchi safely removes fuzz, fabric pills and lint from clothes, knitwear and upholstery.

    Sale! Singer Oil 100ml

    Singer Oil 100ml

    Specially formulated oil for lubricating sewing/embroidery machines. Regularly lubricate your sewing machine to maintain its top performance!

    Sale! SINGER® 4.75″ Thread Snips

    SINGER® 4.75″ Thread Snips

    The 4.75” Thread Snips boast versatile control when trimming in tight spaces!

    Sale! SINGER® 4″ Curved Microtip Embroidery Scissors

    SINGER® 4″ Curved Microtip Embroidery Scissors

    The 4” curved micro tip embroidery scissors are a must-have for all embroidery enthusiasts.

    Sale! SINGER® 6″ Duck Bill Applique Scissors

    SINGER® 6″ Duck Bill Applique Scissors

    The 6” Duck Bill Applique Scissors are right-hand applique scissors that give you easy access in hard-to-reach areas.

    Sale! SINGER® 7″ Multipurpose Scissors

    SINGER® 7″ Multipurpose Scissors

    The SINGER® 7″ Multipurpose Scissors are designed for a wide range of cutting tasks, such as cutting fabric and thread.

    Sale! SINGER® 8.5″ Multipurpose Scissors

    SINGER® 8.5″ Multipurpose Scissors

    The perfect pair of scissors for your everyday needs, the 8.5” Multipurpose scissors are a pair of scissors that you will reach for time and time again.

    Sale! SINGER® 8″ Bent Shear Scissors

    SINGER® 8″ Bent Shear Scissors

    The 8” Bent Shear Scissors by SINGER® are perfect shears for any dressmaker.

    Sale! SINGER® Portable Bobbin Winder

    SINGER® Portable Bobbin Winder

    The SINGER® Portable Bobbin Winder is a one-touch device that allows you to wind your bobbins with ease. It is super easy to use and can be used on the go!

    Sale! SINGER® Sewing Machine Carry Case

    SINGER® Sewing Machine Carry Case

    Carry your SINGER® sewing machine in style to your next class! It not only makes carrying your machine super easy, it also protects your machine from scratches and dust, when in transit or in storage.

    Comes in four colour options: Black, Brick Red, Teal, Cream

    Sale! SINGER® Travel Lint Remover

    SINGER® Travel Lint Remover

    The Travel Lint Remover is perfect for safely removing lint and fluff from clothes, towels, carpet, sweaters and more!