High-quality Mechanical sewing machines that are perfect for the beginner sewer. They are full of features that you will be sure to enjoy.

Sale! Heavy Duty 4411

Heavy Duty 4411

The Singer 4411 has heavy duty metal interior frame, extra-high sewing speed & powerful motor and with 1,100 stitches per minute this machine is a winner!

$599.00 $399.00
Sale! Heavy Duty 4432

Heavy Duty 4432

Fast sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute giving you a professional speed for faster results. Heavy Duty model with 32 stitches.

$799.00 $579.00
Promise 1409

Promise 1409

With a sturdy metal frame and a powerful feed system, the Singer promise is the sewers choice for basic garment construction, quilting and overall crafting.

Sale! Simple 3221

Simple 3221

The Singer Simple sewing machine offers ease of functions at an affordable price. It is a wonderful machine for those who want to start sewing. 

$399.00 $339.00
Sale! Simple 3223G

Simple 3223G

Add fun and pizazz style to your sewing room with the popular aqua Simple 3223G sewing machine.

$399.00 $349.00
Sale! Simple 3223R

Simple 3223R

The Raspberry Simple 3223R pops with colour. It is the perfect addition to your sewing room to brighten up your day.

$399.00 $349.00
Start 1306

Start 1306

This sewing machine gives beginning sewers and hobbyists just enough features to get their creativity off the ground.Features including 6 built in stitches and easy threading. The perfect machine for a beginner sewer!

Sale! Tradition 2250

Tradition 2250

Excellent value mechanical machine which combines traditional high quality technology and construction with the elegant and highly attractive curvy design.