6 Benefits of Sewing during Tough Times

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re practically a pro, there are so many different benefits of sewing to discover and enjoy. With recent events in mind such as the pandemic and the rising cost of living, picking up your sewing machine and getting stuck into a project can be an excellent activity for a whole range of different reasons. Whether it’s happiness, health or helping you save money, keep reading to learn about six benefits of sewing during tough times.

Benefit 1: Save Money

While there is some initial investment required to get started with sewing, it can be a very economical hobby in the long run. Tailoring second-hand clothes to fit you can be a more affordable option than buying new. Plus, you can use recycled or second-hand materials to make cost-effective versions of clothes that you love in the store. Overall, one of the biggest benefits of sewing is that it allows you to be more self-sufficient and resourceful, which can help you save money.


Benefit 2: Being part of a community

Sewing provides opportunities to meet and connect with passionate sewists and make new friends. To get involved with the sewing community you can take sewing classes, join online or in-person sewing groups and connect with the online sewing community. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, share your knowledge, or simply meet like-minded people, sewing can help you be part of a vibrant and supportive community.

Benefit 3: It’s good for your health

You may not realise it, but there are many mental and physical health benefits of sewing. It can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Focusing on a project and creating something with your hands can help take your mind off of daily worries and promote a sense of calm. There are also physical benefits such as improved fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.


Benefit 4: Helps your clothes last longer

Since fast fashion has become more and more popular, people are finding that their lower-quality clothes aren’t lasting very long. Engaging in slow fashion is a great alternative to consuming large volumes of trendy clothing. Other than making your own, more durable clothing, sewing allows you to make repairs to minor tears or damage which will help your existing clothes to last much longer.

Benefit 5: It can be an extra source of income

The rising cost of living is making it increasingly difficult for people to make ends meet. With some creativity and hard work, sewing can be a rewarding and profitable skill. Plus, it is almost always in demand and can be done from the comfort of your home. Some ideas for ways to make a little extra money include:

  • Doing alterations and repairs for friends, family, or the local community
  • Selling handmade items online through platforms like Etsy
  • Teaching sewing classes to beginners
  • Up-cycling old clothing for resale

Benefit 6: It’s A Practical Creative Outlet

One of our favourite benefits of sewing is that it allows you to express your individual style through the pieces and projects that you create. By choosing different patterns, fabrics and accessories every time you complete a project, it allows you to get your creative juices flowing and make something that represents your personal style.

Sewing is a hobby that has been around for centuries. Generations of sewists have turned to their sewing machines during tough times as a practical and fulfilling way to create. Some of the biggest benefits of sewing include helping your clothes last longer, making some extra money, connecting with a community of like-minded people, and, most importantly, having fun!