What is Cosplay and Why We Love It

Enter the world of cosplay. Where imagination, craftsmanship and fandom converge! Here at SINGER®, we love the artistry and creativity that is celebrated in the cosplay community.

If you’re not familiar with the magic of cosplay, let us introduce you. Keep reading to dive into the wonderful world of cosplay and learn, what is cosplay and why we, here at SINGER®, love it.

What Is Cosplay?

Let’s get down to basics. Your first question is probably, what is cosplay? Cosplay is short for “costume play”. Cosplay is a form of performance art in which individuals, known as cosplayers, create and wear costumes to portray characters from various sources.

Popular cosplay crossovers include video games, anime, manga, movies, TV shows, and even historical or original characters. The objective of cosplay is not only to recreate the visual appearance of the character, but also to embody their personality and mannerisms.


Where Did Cosplay Originate?

The roots of cosplay trace back, all the way to the 1930s. This is when the popularity of science fiction conventions started picking up steam. Fans of science fiction and fantasy literature began dressing up as their favourite characters to immerse themselves in the world of their beloved stories.

However, the term was not coined until 1984. A man named Nobuyuki Takahashi came up with the name Cosplay after attending the World Science Fiction Convention.

Over the years, cosplay has expanded to encompass a wide range of different genres and media. Today, it’s a global phenomenon and a vibrant community, both online and off.

Why We Love Cosplay, Here At SINGER®

Now that you know the basics, like “what is cosplay?” and “where did it originate?”, let’s get into what we, here at SINGER®, love most about it.

The world of cosplay is so diverse and filled with so many unique individuals that it’s hard to narrow it down. There‘s just so much to love! But, we’ve given it a go, and selected our top three favourites.


Careful Craftsmanship:

It’s no surprise that here at SINGER® we love to get down to the details of how a costume is crafted. The cosplay community has a knack for showcasing their skills and ensuring that every stitch is carefully placed to accurately bring their character to life. Craftsmanship is such a major part of cosplay that we even have our very own SINGER® Cosplay CP6355M Sewing Machine. We love to see how creative cosplayers use their sewing machines to craft intricate costumes, meticulously add embellishment and bring it all together with finishing touches like make up and wigs.

Celebrating Creativity:

Cosplay is a celebration of creativity and imagination. Here at SINGER® we admire the inventive spirit of cosplayers who are never afraid to experiment with different materials, techniques and garments.

A common misconception about cosplay is that they’re copy cats that simply recreate existing characters. What’s not understood is that cosplay is an art. Cosplayers carefully study the source material, taking in the character’s appearance, personality and mannerisms. With this information they recreate the character while infusing it with their own style and flair to elevate the original outfit. No two cosplayers look exactly alike. That’s the magic of it.


Close-Knit Community

Arguably our favourite aspect of cosplay is the community that surrounds it. Bustling with passion and creative vision, the cosplay community thrives across digital platforms like Instagram, TikTok and community Facebook Groups. They also have a huge presence offline, with events like Comic-Con that reach people all over the world. There is a true sense of belonging and camaraderie among fans. Here at SINGER® we are always excited to see the fantastical costumes that the cosplay community dreams up.

We’re constantly checking our Instagram tagged posts and the hashtag #sewitwithsinger, to see the latest creations.

After learning, what is cosplay and why we love it, you may be inspired to dive further into this interesting and imaginative art. The world of cosplay is a captivating realm where inventiveness, craftsmanship and fandom intertwine. Here at SINGER® we love all things creative. So, whether you’re completely new to sewing or you’ve been whipping up costumes for years, you’ll be welcome and celebrated in the vibrant cosplay community.