Retro Inspired Headband

Whip up a retro-inspired headband in under an hour to match your favourite outfit!

Requirements List:

  1. A rectangle of cotton fabric measuring 80cm x 15cm
  2. Gauge wire 90cm
  3. Pliers
  4. Co-ordindating thread
  5. Iron-on Interfacing 80cm x 7.5cm


  • Measure and cut cotton to 80cm x 15cm
  • Cut interfacing 80cm x 7.5cm rectangle


  1. Iron interfacing to half to one side of the cotton rectangle.
Retro Headband Step 1
  1. Fold rectangle in half lengthwise, right sides together. Round your corners and trim. I used a small dinner plate to create the curve.
Retro headband step 2 Headband Step 2-1
  1. Sew around your shape, leaving a 5cm opening to turn out.
  2. Trim the excess fabric of the seam allowance and clip corners. Turn out.
  3. Create a loop on both ends of your gauge wire, using the pliers. Your finished wire piece should be the same size as your fabric piece.
Retro headband step 5
  1. Insert the wire into your headband and close the opening with a slip-stitch.

Congratulations on finishing your retro headband!