Avengers Dress- Featured Image

Sewing Avengers Dress

This is the face I made when my husband asked if I was really going to wear my new dress to work: 

Of course!
My latest creation is a mashup of two fabulous Indie pattern designer dress patterns: Sew Over It’s Betty Dress and Jennifer Lauren Handmade’s Laneway Dress that I was lucky enough to pattern test near the end of last year.
I was very happy with my pattern tester version of the Laneway. The bodice fit is great and I love the little sleeves but I knew my next version needed a fuller skirt. I’ve made the Betty dress many times so I compared the waist length and decided it would be perfect for this ridiculous fabric. Clearly channeling inspiration from my Aussie blogger twin, Little Pickers!
Even in lining fabric it looks amazing
Fully lining the dress gave me a good chance to test out the fit and pattern combo before cutting into my precious fabric. My little helper clearly agreed, she took her supervisory roles very seriously, testing both fabrics thoroughly for comfort!As with most full skirted patterns the quilting fabric wasn’t wide enough for the full swing of the side seam so I had to piece the corners. I had just enough fabric to pattern match my triangles on the front skirt piece but the back and to be unmatched…not that anyone will notice!
Sewing Avengers ASSEMBLE!
I usually cut my pockets from the lining fabric but to make them extra stealthy on this dress I cut them from the dress fabric so they blend right in. Pockets are great but secret pockets? Even better!
My dress has an invisible zipper at the back and I ended up buying black to blend in with the character outlines. After I turned my lining out I just needed to decide on buttons for the front collar.I saw some amazing wooden buttons on Etsy that have the Avengers ‘A’ on them but they were too big. Later that week I woke up one morning with the sudden memory of buying covered button kits I bought from a thrift shop. I went digging through my stash and they were the perfect size match for Captain America’s shield.
$1.00, bargain!
And then I hit a snag…I do it every time. I buy a single spool of thread thinking that one day I’ll win the Thread Roulette game but so far I never had. Two long hems will do that!But totally worth it, check out this twirl!I did wear my dress to work…on a Friday…that ended up having a surprise client meeting thrown in! Everyone loved it, but they are kind of used to my crazy dresses by now.The way you dress has power over you. This dress makes me feel ridiculously happy and instantly lifts my mood. I want to twirl around and laugh at myself and that’s a good thing.

So, just for fun, here is a silly Hulk pose.Happy sewing Avengers!