The Marble Maze

The Marble Maze

The Marble Maze is a great activity to have on car trips. Why not insert more than one marble, or get creative with your maze designs and have dead ends to navigate.

Level: Beginner

Skills Learnt: Straight Stitch, Pivoting, Top Stitch.

Shopping List:

  1. 4 x Pieces of felt
  2. Threads
  3. 2 Marbles (1cm Diameter
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins
  6. Washable Marker or fabric chalk

Setting up your Machine

See the Sew as you Grow playlist on our Youtube page for step by step instructions.

  1. Wind the bobbin
  2. Thread the machine
  3. Insert the bobbin
  4. Bring the bobbin thread to the top

Sewing Instructions

  1. Place two pieces of felt together with the right sides out.
  2. Place some pins in the corners to keep them smooth and straight. You can choose to cut the felt into a square shape now, but it is not necessary.Sew as you Grow Marble Maze Step 6
  1. With a washable marker, mark out your sewing lines. Ensure you leave at least 2.5cm gap between each line for the marble to fit through.
  2. Sew over the lines marked using a straight stitch. Pivoting at the corners (if necessary).
  3. Once the maze has been sewn, sew the edges closed, but STOP before you get to the end so you can insert the marble.Sew as you Grow Marble Maze Step 9
  1. Insert the marble, pushing it in one of the maze chasm’s and continue to sew the edge closed – Top Stitch.

Try inserting more than one marble into each maze!